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The Feldenkrais Method®

Feldenkrais is a method of neuromuscular education and sensory motor learning that teaches you how to move with greater ease and comfort, less pain and more efficiency. The method benefits people of all fitness levels, the physically fit as well as the physically challenged. My clients include dancers, athletes, musicians who want to improve their technique and performance, as well as people who suffer from significant chronic pain, neurological conditions, fibromyalgia, and those recovering from injuries, surgery and cancer treatment.


Feldenkrais is not a medical treatment, nor is it therapy or massage. Instead it’s a method of movement education that helps you access the vast potential of the nervous system for learning and change. Working with gentleness and increased awareness will calm your nervous system, reduce pain and muscular tension, and help you to overcome your movement limitations and expand your movement possibilities.


Group Classes

Awareness Through Movement®

Classes of unique, gentle movement sequences that will help you discover new patterns of coordination and flexibility.


       See Class Schedule for more information.


Private Sessions

Functional Integration®

These private sessions are tailored to your specific needs. Always gentle, non-invasive touch and verbally guided movements are used to help you become aware of and transcend old restrictive movement habits.

        To schedule a private session please contact me.


        For more information on the Feldenkrais Method®, go to:



“…make  the  impossible  possible,  the  possible  easy  and  the  easy  elegant …”

                                                                  -Moshe Feldenkrais







Severe headaches were always a part of my life. Unfortunately, most remedies offered temporary relief, at best. In contrast, Irene’s treatments not only relieve pain, but help prevent it. Irene trained me to become more aware of my body, to recognize signs of an impending headache, and to prevent the pain from getting out of control by performing various movement and relaxation exercises. To each lesson she imparts her distinctive, calming presence, and I leave feeling grounded, calm and refreshed.


Nancy F.

Professor or Molecular Biology and Genetics



At my very first Awareness Through Movement® class with Irene, she asked us to stand barefoot, with our eyes closed, and see how our bodies felt. I was shocked to feel like I was going to fall, as my body kept swaying. After an hour of minimal but precise movements on the floor, working from head to toe, she asked us to stand again. And to my amazement I felt relaxed, anchored, and straight. The feeling of imbalance was gone. It was wonderful! 


Ruth S.

Film editor, NYC and LA

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