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Somatic Experiencing®

Trauma and Stress Relief:

Somatic Experiencing® is a very gentle and powerful approach to reducing stress and healing trauma. We focus awareness on how your thoughts, emotions and experiences affect your body and how they are felt in your body. We talk and explore your story, noticing your body sensations and the unconscious movement patterns that arise. If it feels comfortable to you, I may use gentle touch to enhance and deepen our work together. In order to avoid your being overwhelmed by traumatic memories and painful emotions, we ground your session in what feels good and positive in your life. Working in this way, you begin to change habitual patterns of stress and trauma deeply encoded in your nervous system. You are then able to reclaim your inner resources of resilience and empowerment, and restore feelings of trust, safety and optimism.


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"Life seemed to be a struggle, one step forward, two steps back. When I started working with Irene, my dreams had faded, my energy hit and miss. Not following through was the norm. Somatic Experiencing has provided me with the tools to push through my obstacles. With renewed enthusiasm I am able to accept success. Irene is a wonderful guide. My dreams now seem achievable."


Tom E.


Irene helped me through a very difficult time with gentleness and grace. Several semesters ago, the educational institution at which I teach had to be locked down because of an active shooter on campus. Afterward I became very anxious about returning to work. Irene used a variety of tools to gently support me through the aftermath of the trauma. She taught me easy techniques that I could use to manage anxiety in the moment and created a safe, comfortable environment for me to work through my experience. With her help I returned to feeling comfortable at work. She is an exceptional person and a unique practitioner. If you want to move beyond trauma that has affected your life, Irene is the practitioner for you. She is skilled, compassionate, highly professional, and has mastered a wide range of modalities.




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