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Feldenkrais® for Dancers

Can you move without pain?

Do you work too hard?

Feel limited or blocked?

Have you reached a performance plateau?

With the Feldenkrais Method® of movement education you will explore new paths of neuromuscular coordination which will allow you to:

  • ACCESS more efficient, pain-free movement.

  • EXPAND movement possibilities.

  • CHANGE habits that interfere with optimal movement.

  • REGAIN lost function due to injury or misuse.

  • BRING comfort and pleasure back into your dancing.

  • SUPPORT a safer and longer life in dance.

Classes and Workshops

Awareness Through Movement®

Group lessons of unique movement sequences that introduce new patterns of coordination and teach you how to use your whole body to support the complex isolations required in dance.

       See Class Schedule for more information.

Private Sessions

Functional Integration®

One-on-one sessions tailored to your specific needs.  Gentle, non-invasive touch and guided movement are used to bring about musculoskeltal, neurological and functional changes and improvements.

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