Feldenkrais® for Musicians

The Feldenkrais Method of movement education can be very helpful to you in your quest for fluid, dynamic, expressive playing.

With Feldenkrais you will:

  • Become aware of and release habitual patterns of body tension that can interfere with optimal performance.

  • Increase easy mobility and solid groundedness.

  •  Prevent repetitive stress injuries and heal current ones.   

  •  Learn to use your whole body to support the very specific movements needed to play your musical instrument. 

  •  Reduce unnecessary effort and summon just the energy and intensity you want and need to play more expressively. 

Group Classes and Workshops*:

Awareness Through Movement®

Group lessons of unique gentle movement sequences done lying down, sitting or standing, that introduce new patterns of coordination and address the whole body.

       See Class Schedule for more information.

*Workshops can be organized for your school or music department.

Private Sessions:

Functional Integration®

Tailored to your specific needs, these sessions involve both gentle hands-on and guided movement to bring about musculoskeletal, neurological and functional improvements.