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Baby Blossom

Child'Space® Method

Child'Space lessons are offered independently by Irene's daughter Natalie Bowers.

See below and visit for more information.

Child'Space® Method

of supporting & enhancing child development & parent-child interaction through touch & movement

With the understanding that movement (motor function) is intricately tied to environmental, cognitive, and emotional factors, Child’Space draws from the principles of movement education developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais to address development from birth up to the walking stage in both typically and atypically developing babies. It can also address children who have already learned to walk and express motor challenges due to neural or physical conditions.

Private & Group Lessons

Learn to perceive your baby’s natural efforts to move toward the next stage of their development and build your repertoire of supportive touch and interactive games to enhance your ability to bond with them, while offering tools and experiences that facilitate their ongoing progression. These practical methods of engaging your baby aid physical, cognitive, and emotional development.

Child'Space lessons focus on increasing each baby’s abilities and aiding them to move with as much ease as possible, allowing for a fluid and complete progression from stage to stage and from one milestone to the next.

Each session is devoted to expanding the caregiver’s skill-set for connecting with and supporting the child through touch and play.  Observation skills and methods of interaction are taught that feed infants with rich sensory information and opportunities to grow: to move with ease and joy, to express and assist themselves, and to connect meaningfully with the things and people around them.

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