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Reducing Chronic Pain

Private Sessions & Support Groups

When you have pain over a long period of time, your body can begin to feel like the enemy. Movement may be limited, activities restricted, life itself may feel constrained and seems to shrink as possibilities dwindle. You may find yourself focusing on your pain, fearing, anticipating and bracing against it, both psychologically and physically. This bracing causes your muscles to constrict, which increases the pain. A vicious cycle!



Using the healing power of


Breath ~ Gentle Movement ~ Imagery ~ Music ~ Sensory Awareness ~ Mindfulness    


we will:


  • Explore the connections between your body and your emotions

  • Gently address possible underlying trauma(s) 

  • Learn to befriend your body and your sensations

  • Refocus your attention away from fear and negativity

  • Nourish your inborn capacities of resilience, healing, creativity and joy

  • Create new neural pathways to positive and pleasurable experiences of your body and movement



To schedule a private session please contact me.


I've been suffering with emotional & chronic physical pain for over half of my life and have explored many types of therapies, both psychological and physical. I'm so grateful to have found Irene. She gives caring attention to my feelings, desires, thoughts and bodily sensations as they occur in the present moment. With deep insight and sensitivity she guides me in developing the skills and capacities to enhance my life and my work. I leave feeling more balanced, grounded, peaceful, capable and in much less physical pain.  


Cathy S.

Pilates Instructor and Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM

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